A Firefighter's Developer

I have a tremendous advantage over any company in the training space- not only am I the creator, I am also the customer.   I made the product I WANTED to use for training.    I know EXACTLY how it feels to be stuck with a crappy product:


"Chief, this new report program sucks!"

"Sorry guys, that's what was in the budget, we'll try again in three years." 

​​  I know how city and county councils can question every expense.  Now you can PUT them in YOUR shoes, and have THEM see how complicated a difficult fire or EMS scene is. (Imagine them inside a VR simulation when the outdated equipment breaks and they lose control of the scene since the didn't approve your personnel requests.) 

Since I am selling something unique, I don't have to rely on the standard 200% government markup to make my company profitable.  And since I am not focused on hardware, but rather, software, I can afford to charge much less than government normally pays for software. 

​In the past, Public Safety has always had to pay these companies high government prices.  As such, Chiefs and training Captains have had to make tough choices, which meant the rank and file, aka ME, didn't get the training they deserved.  (Which meant, the citizens, the people we swore to protect, also went without) 

On the development side, I can communicate with you much better than your average software developer since I know exactly what you are talking about, instead of you having to explain it to me.  Conversely, I can share with you exactly how long something should take to build in the simulator and how long.  

All this boils down is to one thing - I know what it's like in your boots.  I wear them every 3rd day.  Stay safe out there.

Blake McCorkle


Founder, LIVE Simulator

Learning Inside Virtual Environments